Children ages 7 and younger may be baptized at the request of the parents or legal guardians only, who must promise to raise the child Catholic by enrolling him or her in Catholic school or a religious education program.  To schedule a baptism, the parents must meet with Laura Bello, who will offer instruction in the meaning of the sacrament.  The first step is to complete the pre-baptism form, then we will contact you.

For information about baptizing older children and adults, contact

Maria Isabel Giron, Director of Religious Education.

Religious Education

Office Hours
Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, from 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM

and Friday…..10:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Maria Isabel Giron, DRE (English or Español )……….. 609-345-1878 ext. 24
or Call/Text the Religious Ed cellphone 609-401-8658 or pick our bulletin after each mass for more up to date information.
Facebook: Santa Monica CCD Follow for updates and news!
St. Monica Religious Education 2020-2021
Space is limited, please stop by the office on regular Office’s hours.
Before you turn in your application, please make sure to have met the following requirements:

1. The application form which you can pick up at the Parish office, should be fully completed.
2. bring a copy of your child/children’s baptism certificate
3. Prepare to pay the full tuition cost: 85.00 per child – tuition costs may vary.
4. Please meet these requirements so that your child may be able to start the school year as planned.

Application for Religious Ed. Here! < precione aqui para imprimir su registracion.

HERE < press for the RCIA registration form ( for Adult) precione aqui para imprimir su registracion de catequesis para adultos RICA.


Please contact the parish office to schedule an appointment with a priest. You may request anonymity.


Contact the parish office to meet with a parish priest to prepare for receiving the sacrament of marriage at least six months before your hopeful wedding date.

Parishioners (active and registered before marriage planning)$250
Atlantic City police and firefightersFee waived at St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church
Destination weddings$1,400
Wedding fees
Saturday weddings
Our Lady Star of the SeaMust begin by 1 PM
St. Nicholas of TolentineMust begin by 1 PM
St. MichaelLater start times are usually possible
Sunday weddings
Our Lady Star of the SeaNot available
St. Nicholas of TolentineMust begin no earlier than 3 PM
St. MichaelGreat flexibility is usually possible
Wedding start times

More information is available for destination weddings.

Wedding Guidelines  


1. Although Atlantic City is a popular destination for weddings, for Catholics, marriage is  a sacrament fittingly celebrated in the parish of the bride or groom. Therefore, we  encourage couples to be married by their parish priest in their own church. For couples  set on an Atlantic City wedding, marriage preparation needs to be completed by the  couple’s parish priest, a priest of their choosing or a deacon. You must also invite a priest  or deacon of your choosing to officiate at the wedding because the schedules of the priests  from this parish are already full. All necessary paperwork, documentation (certification  of baptism, Pre-Cana papers, Pre-Nuptial Investigation form, civil marriage license,  priest letter of suitability, etc.) must be completed by the couple/ priest well in  advance of the ceremony. The priest must submit all paperwork to the Diocese of  Camden at least 6 weeks prior to the wedding.  

Mailing Address: Diocese of Camden P.O. Box  708  
Camden, NJ 08101  

Att: Marriage Tribunal- Evelyn Rodriguez  

2. For non-parishioners, the fee for the use of the churches of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine,  1409 Pacific Ave, Saint Michael, 10 N Mississippi Ave, and Our Lady Star of the Sea,  2651 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 is $1400.00 dollars. A 50% down payment  is non-refundable. This payment is required before we will schedule the wedding  date. The balance is due a month before the wedding. Check, credit card, or cash can be  used to make payment. If paying by check, please make it out to the Parish of Saint  Monica and write the wedding date on the check itself. For a Credit Card payment,  please include the, name, number and address of the credit card holder. If you are  paying by cash, bring the payment to the parish office which is open from Monday – Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. A receipt will be provided. Please send any information or  payments by check or credit card to:  

Parish of Saint Monica  
Destination Wedding  
2651 Atlantic Ave  
Atlantic City, NJ 08401  
Att: Laura Bello 

Parish of Saint Monica Destination Wedding Form  
Wedding Agreement for Non-Parishioners  
Name of Bride Phone Number  Address Email  
Name of Groom Phone Number Address  Email  

Wedding Information  
Names of the Churches  

Saint Nicholas of Tolentine (Seats 850), Saint Michael (Seats 450), Our Lady Star  of the Sea (Seats 450)  

Date of Marriage Time  
Date & Time of Rehearsal  

Musician Nick Myers 309-453-9929 / / $250 charge  (If you bring your own musician/s, you will need to pay a bench fee of $150, to Nick Myers)  

Priest Information  

(A Priest from a different Diocese needs to present a letter of Suitability as soon as possible)  

Phone number Email  

As a non-parishioner, I understand that the fee is $1,400 and that a 50% non-refundable  deposit is required to secure the date. I also understand that I must complete the marriage  preparation with my parish or the priest celebrant for the wedding. He, another priest or  deacon must officiate at the wedding. The priest must send the paperwork to the Diocese of  Camden no later than six weeks before the wedding. I understand that the priests of the  Parish of Saint Monica are unable to officiate because they are already using their time to  prepare parishioners for marriage and fulfilling their other local duties. If we are still in the  Covid-19 pandemic, we will follow all the safety protocols established by the parish.  

________________________________________ _______________  Signature of Groom Date  ________________________________________ _______________ Signature  of Bride Date

Anointing of the Sick

Contact the parish office to request the anointing of sick for someone who is seriously ill or expecting major surgery.

You may also contact the office for “last rites” for someone is who is actively dying. They could include confession (for one who is able to speak) and Holy Communion (for one who is able to consume) as well as the anointing and prayers for the commendation of the dying.


Generally, after the family has contacted a funeral home, their staff calls the parish to schedule the funeral and a priest is assigned to celebrate the Mass.  Local funeral homes are aware of the parish’s policies.  The following information is provided for the convenience of the family.

Funerals may be held in any of the three parish churches.  Viewings may begin one hour after the start of the morning Mass.  Evening viewings, however, are not possible.  Eulogies are permitted at the beginning of the Mass, after the opening song but before the opening prayer.  Generally, the parish chooses the musician for the funeral.  If the family wishes to choose the musician, that person must first be approved by the parish.

After the funeral home has contacted the parish, a member of the parish bereavement committee will contact the family to arrange a meeting to plan the funeral.  The committee member will help the family choose Scripture readings and appropriate hymns and collect information about the deceased for the priest celebrating the funeral Mass.

For more information, contact one of the pastoral associates.