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Children ages 7 and under may be baptized only at the request of the parents or legal guardians, who must promise to raise the child in the Catholic faith, typically by enrolling the child in a Catholic school or religious education program. To schedule a Baptism in English or Vietnamese, parents should contact Father Andrew Pham. To schedule a baptism in Spanish, parents should contact Laura Bello. Please contact the office directly for more information. (609) 345-1878.

Baptismal Form

For information about Baptizing adults and children seven and older, please contact the parish office.

Religious Education

Religious Education 2023-2024 Classes will be held on Sunday Mornings 8:40am-9:55am at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in the cafeteria, starting January 7, 2024 and will continue until June 30, 2024. Religious Education students are encouraged to attend Mass following class. Parents are encouraged to pray the rosary at 9:30am prior to the 10:00am Mass at OLSS Church.

Please come to the parish office to sign up for Religious Education.

  • The application form, which you can pick up at the Parish office, should be fully completed.
  • Bring a copy of your child/children’s baptismal certificate(s).
  • Pay the full tuition cost: regular tuition costs for Religious Education is $170.00 it may vary for some cases; $85.00 per child continuing education.

Application for Religious Ed. Here!

Precione arriba en la line anterior donde dice HERE que esta subrayado para imprimir su registracion y la puede traer completa.

RCIA FORM (for Adults) press HERE

Prrecione arriba en la line anterior donde dice HERE que esta subrayado para imprimir su registracion de catequesis para adultos RCIA.


Confession is available before all weekday evening Masses at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, from 4:45pm – 5:10pm, and on Saturday from 3:30pm – 4:10pm. at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church. You may also call the parish office to schedule an appointment for confession with a priest at a different time.


For parishioners, please contact the parish office to meet with a parish priest to prepare for the sacrament of marriage, at least six months before your desired wedding date. For visitors desiring a wedding at the Parish of St. Monica, please visit the destination weddings page (link below).

Wedding fees

Parishioners (active and registered before marriage planning)$400
Atlantic City police and firefightersFee waived
Destination weddings$2,000

Wedding start times

Saturday weddings
Our Lady Star of the SeaMust begin by 1:00 PM
St. Nicholas of TolentineMust begin by 2:00 PM
St. MichaelMust begin by 2:00 PM
Sunday weddings
Our Lady Star of the SeaNot available
St. Nicholas of TolentineOnly available to start at 2:30 PM
St. MichaelMust begin by 2:00 PM
Weekday weddings
Our Lady Star of the SeaMust begin by 1:00 PM
St. Nicholas of TolentineMust begin by 2:00 PM
St. MichaelMust begin by 2:00 PM

For more information on weddings for parishioners, please visit the parishioner weddings page.

For destination weddings, please visit the destination weddings page.

Anointing of the Sick

Contact the parish office to request the anointing of sick for someone who is seriously ill or expecting major surgery.

You may also contact the office for “last rites” for someone is who is actively dying. They could include confession (for one who is able to speak) and Holy Communion (for one who is able to consume) as well as the anointing and prayers for the commendation of the dying.


Generally, after the family has contacted a funeral home, their staff calls the parish to schedule the funeral and a priest is assigned to celebrate the Mass.  Local funeral homes are aware of the parish’s policies.  The following information is provided for the convenience of the family.

Funerals may be held in any of the three parish churches.  Viewings and visitations ideally take place in the funeral home, as the church is not primarily designed for for social gathering. However, viewings may begin one hour after the start of the morning Mass.  Evening viewings, however, are not possible.  A brief eulogy is permitted at the beginning of the Mass, after the opening song but before the opening prayer.  (Other options for eulogies are available at the funeral home or graveside). Generally, the parish chooses the musician for the funeral.  If the family wishes to choose the musician, that person must first be approved by the parish.

Christians bury the dead as a corporal work of mercy, and in imitation of the burial of Jesus. Generally, plans for final disposition of a body are finalized at the same time as other funeral preparations. Cremation is allowed, but we treat cremated remains with the same respect as a person’s body, including planning for interment in blessed ground with faith in the Resurrection on the Last Day. Catholics churches are only able to provide funeral rites for Catholics and, in certain exceptional cases, spouses and infants of Catholics.

After the funeral home has contacted the parish, a member of the parish bereavement committee will contact the family to arrange a meeting to plan the funeral.  The committee member will accompany the family in their grief and also help them select Scripture readings and appropriate hymns for the funeral Mass.

For more information, please contact the parish office.